Friday, January 25, 2013

Grenlight It! #1: Croixleur

Like my (rarely done) Kickstarter Watch series of posts I'm now going to start a Greenlight It! series of posts to talk about some interesting games on Steam Greenlight that might need some vote. For the first one, I've chosen Croixleur, an anime-style hack and slash game.

For anime fans, of course Croixleur have some interesting look with it's colorful design and characters. The game revolves around the player fighting multiple enemies within a circular arena. Use various weapons and skills to destroy the enemies.

Your character can gain experience and level up, collect coins t buy special attacks and discover new weapons to use. The story mode also offers multiple routes and endings depending on how the player performs on each fight.

One thing that concerns me is repetition. You are fighting in the same place over and over again. It might have different background and color but it's essentially just a circular arena with different enemies thrown in.

However, the game does have a very affordable price. It's only $5 and I'd say for what the game offers $5 is quite a bargain.

If you want to buy the game, check out:

And of course, vote for it on Steam Greenlight:

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