Friday, January 04, 2013

Beware Planet Earth Review

A few years back, Plants vs Zombies was a really big hit. Casual and hardcore gamers alike plays the game and it is very very addictive. Combining tower defense gameplay with cartoonish artstyle and making it a more casual experience made the game accessible to anyone regardless of gender or age. Now, Beware Planet Earth tries to do the same thing, would it be a big hit like Plants vs Zombies or is it just a clone trying to cash in on Plants vs Zombies' popularity? we'll see.
As far as artstyle goes, Beware Planet Earth definitely evoke the same feel as Plants vs Zombies. Cartoonish artstyle with enough polish to make it look really interesting. The enemy and tower designs are quite interesting although the overall style is a bit too similar to Plants vs Zombies.

As for gameplay, there are similarities and diferences from Plants vs Zombies. Beware Planet Earth offers a more traditional Tower Defense experience with a fixed route that the enemies will take and various spots around that route where the player can build towers. As with Plants vs Zombies, the player will also need to build resource generating towers but to make things a bit harder, enemies won't drop resources so plan carefully!

The tower choices are really similar to what Plants vs Zombies had. Some would call this copying but I'd say if it works, why change it? because other than tower variety, Beware Planet Earth does bring some new gameplay elements to the table setting itself apart from Plants vs Zombies.

For one thing, tower positioning is all the more important because of how the map is designed, giving the player a more tactical gameplay rather than that whack-a-mole feel of Plants vs Zombies on the start of each game. There's also the zapper, which makes the gameplay a bit more active where the player must sometimes zap enemies so that the towers can hurt them more easily. Zapper can also be used to damage the enemies and buff your own tower, of course with some drawbacks as well. This definitely adds another layer of strategy into the mix and personally, I love it.

Just like Plants vs Zombies, by finishing the story mode the players can unlock more gameplay modes which will add replayability of the game with various entertaining game modes. The only thing missing would be something like Plants vs Zombies' Zen Garden feature. I like the Zen Garden as it helps you cool down a bit after a hard level or from playing any other games. It is relaxing and quite fun to play.

So, Beware Planet Earth might not seem really original but it does things competently and is also comes in a aesthetically pleasing package. Tower Defense lovers and casual game players would love this game and for those of you who are more "hardcore" playing this game just to kill time might not seem to be a really bad choice, although you might be surprised of how many hours you just wasted when you're finished with it.

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