Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Kickstarter Watch #6: Pathfinder Online

For those of you who knows about Pen and paper RPGs you should already know what pathfinder is. It's a RPG ruleset and setting derived from the Dungeons and Dragons rules, some even calls Pathfinder DnD 3.75. And now, Goblinworks is trying to make Pathfinder Online which features plenty of innovative features not found in most MMOs.
The thing that Pathfinder Online promises the most is an sandbox MMORPG where players can affect the world. Build houses, villages or even cities; choose your allegiance and fight in wars; take control of the economy; and so much more.

What interests me:
- Classless and grindless gameplay.
- Players build the world.
- Players control the economy.
- Mass combat between organizations.
- Organized mass combat.

They are trying to make a living breathing online world. A real sandbox MMORPG like so many have been searching for and I would very much like to see them succeed. I might not like their monthly subscription model but I might as well spread the word around so this project could be done. It's 5 more days until it's over, go there quickly.

Check out their Kickstarter page HERE

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