Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kickstarter Watch #7: Wildman

Gas Powered Games is known for some good games like the Dungeon Siege series and Supreme Commander. Now they've started a kickstarter campaign for an Action RPG title combined with RTS elements where we the player will play as the Wildman.

What interests me:
- Action RPG gameplay, I always love Action RPGs and I think GPG can deliver on that front seeing that they did make Dungeon Siege (Hopefully this will not be another Space Siege or Dungeon Siege 3).
- RPG + RTS not RTS + RPG. You still play an RPG but all actions that you took will be to advance your war effort against the enemy. They also promised an intelligent AI where they can change tactics depending on what you're doing.
- Fresh setting. The game is set in a Fantasy Stone-age era, quite different from the usual game settings of fantasy or sci fi.
- Music by Jeremy Soule.

The concept sounds interesting and for those who like RPG and RTS Wildman should be a really interesting title to pledge for. The price range is quite affordable with $20 for the digital copy of the game. The Kickstarter Campaign has just started, d check out the site, HERE.

1 comment:

  1. Love the setting and had quite some faith in Gas Powered Games (as well as Chris Taylor). But it remains to be seen how the gameplay works. I think it's worth buying when it comes out, though not really worth pledging more than the initial MSRP for the time being.