Thursday, January 10, 2013

TERA went F2P

Like it or not, Freemium is the MMO business model of the future. Not saying that Pay to Play is a failed model but nowadays where there are plenty of MMO in the market it's just easier for players to play MMOs for free and then decide whether they want to spend money on it or not. And no, those 7 days trial bullshit doesn't count as "trying". After a few big titles went Freemium last year, TERA Online has decided to do the same thing. Yes, TERA is going Free to Play.
Enmasse announced yesterday that TERA will be F2P starting February 2013. From what I've read their Freemium model is very good. They're limiting the number of characters the players can make but almost no limitation in content.

Players who decides to pay will get additional bonuses which are optional. This is good as free players aren't considered as second class players and are actually able to enjoy the game to it's fullest extent. Item mall will add more customization and costume options, making it purely cosmetics.

I will definitely try this one out when it goes F2P. Check out my review on February.

Check out their site:
Indonesian players will have to play on EU because Enmasse blocks most Asian IP.

For those who wants the Founder's bonus you can buy TERA at Amazon for quite a low price right now. Sadly, only available for TERA US: . For EU, they're having a 50% sale right now:

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