Wednesday, January 02, 2013

KS Group Reading, 2 more days

So, those who've read this blog since a few months ago should already know that I love Katawa Shoujo. The subreddit for Katawa Shoujo decided to do a group reading of the Visual Novel and it will start on january 4th. Why January 4th? because it's the 1 year anniversary of Katawa Shoujo's full release.

For those of you who've played KS before I invite you to join in and replay the VN, relive the experience and rediscover your feels again. For those of you who haven't played KS before, now is a good time to start.

Check out the Reddit post HERE
According to the poll, we're going to do Emi's Good End route first, check the post HERE

I think I'll do a recording of my playthrough, I'll embed the video on a later post.

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