Thursday, January 10, 2013

Warframe Crafting Blueprint Locations

For those who are playing Warframe, you might wonder how to get some of the parts for the non-basic Warframes like Rhino, Ember and Mag. Each of those Warframes needs 3 more parts that needs to be crafted with blueprints. These blueprints can be found as drops from certain bosses.

*This list is outdated, for an updated list from Update 7 check here*

These are the boss location and the blueprints that it drops:

Mercury - Tolstoj
Boss: Captain Vor(Grineer)
Drops: Cronus(longsword)

Venus - Fossa
Boss: The Jackal(Corpus)
Drops: Rhino Warframe Parts Blueprints

Earth - Everest
Boss: Counceler Van Dek(Grineer)
Drops: Trinity Warframe Parts Blueprints

Mars - War
Boss: Sargent Nef Anyo(Grineer)
Drops: Mag Warframe Parts Blueprints

Jupiter - Themisto
Boss: The Golem(Infected)
Drops: Dark Dagger, Ceramic Dagger, Volt Warframe Parts Blueprint

Saturn - Thetys
Boss: General Sargas Ruk(Grineer)
Drops: Ember Warframe Parts Blueprints, Ash Warframe Parts Blueprint, Volt Warframe Parts Blueprint

Uranus - Titania
Boss: Tyl Regar(Grineer)
Drops: Ash Warframe Parts Blueprints

Neptune - Psamanthe
Boss: The Hyena(Corpus)
Drops: Rhino Warframe Parts Blueprints

Pluto - Hades
Boss: Arn Etina(Corpus)
Drops: Excalibur Warframe Parts Blueprint

Happy hunting and have fun crafting!

For list of resource locations, check here:


  1. Thanks man, really useful. You should update it more often and i heard you can also get ceramic sword from Captain Vor in Tolsoj, dont know if thats true.

  2. Yup it is, me and my friend got our blueprint for ceramic long sword from the boss there ^^

  3. Thanks for that. I got a question, If Im going with a squad, those items will be for 1 person or all can pick up??

  4. As it is with energy, 1 has been reserved for each player to pick up :) so all can get it :)

  5. Where are Frost warframe parts and blueprints? :(

  6. It's here: :)

  7. need banshee blueprint ==

  8. Banshee part blueprints are offered as random completion rewards from Raid, Capture, Spy, and Endless Defense missions.