Thursday, January 03, 2013

Eryi's Action Review

I saw Eryi's Action before on Steam greenlight and decided to buy it because it's in Groupees Build a Greenlight Bundle. The game looks like a fun platformer with cute anime-style aesthetics, it'll probably be a relaxing game right?...right?... wrong!
Now now, I didn't mean it in a bad way. Even though I was wrong I was really pleasantly surprised at how much fun this game is. If you've played I Wanna Be The Guy Gaiden or Kaizo Mario World then you should already know what's in store in Eryi's Action. Well, the first time I played the game? I didn't know that(that'll teach me to do more research before buying anything). And boy did I have the hardest laugh ever.

For those of you who doesn't know about those two games i mentioned, those games(and Eryi's Action) are sidescrolling platformer games that are so ridiculously hard because of the myriad of traps that you'll encounter throughout the game. While those who doesn't have the patience would quickly become enraged by these kind of games, those who have a bit more patience(or simply put, have masochistic tendencies) will really enjoy playing these games if only for the joy of discovering the various kinds of devious traps that the developer put in the game.

Eryi's Action is a really solid masochistic sidescrolling platformer in that regard. The game gives you a false sense of playfulness with the right amount of cutesy just to make your jaw drop all the more faster when you encounter each and every trap there is in the game. And I assure you there will be traps that you'll never saw coming. Hard and infuriating as it might be, the main challenge of the game is actually to figure out a way to get pass all these devious traps. And to do this you'll have to really think about your actions.

I admit, I didn't really feel that I'll enjoy the game the first time I realized what this game is but boy was I wrong. I managed to die almost 70 times before I passed through the first stage and I really laughed my ass off when I died because of the last trap.

For those of you who wants a calming and soothing platformer game? avoid this. but if you don't mind a bit of pain and likes some challenge, Eryi's Action is definitely a must play. With its cute anime aesthetics and fun music how can you resist?

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