Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Firefall Beta Impressions (plus 4x Permanent Beta Key giveaway)

I got into Firefall closed beta since a few months ago. Tried the game and felt that it has potential but lacks content. Now after a few months I got back into Firefall again and check out whether they made sufficient improvements on the game.

Firefall is an MMO Shooter which offers a large open world and a Dynamic Event system reminiscent of Guild Wars 2. These events aren't fixed to certain positions like in Guild Wars 2 though so their locations are very varied. However, the types of events are very limited and pales in comparison to Guild Wars 2's events. There are currently 16 types of events including Chosen Drop Pods, Melding Storms, Crashed Thumpers, Crashed LGV and Chosen Controlled Watchtowers.

Although these events doesn't really have the same depth and lore of Guild Wars 2's events Firefall's events are effective at giving the player things to do around the world. And what's most important is that these events promotes cooperative behavior. Players near an event will work together to try and deal with the problem.

Other than events, players usually group up to do some resource gathering by using thumpers. There are three kinds of thumper(stock, improved and advanced thumper), each with differing levels of resource gathering capability. Better thumpers which gathers more resource also attracts more enemies which will attack the thumper so the players must defend it until the thumper is either sent back manually by the player or the resource collecting has reached 100 of the thumper's capacity.

Leveling up is quite fun with several tiers of battleframes available, each with various kinds of upgrades. These upgrades aren't actually UPgrades per-se, more of a quite large list of sidegrades available to the player for that particular Battleframes. This makes lower tier Battlerames and lower level players still able to fight as effective players with higher tier Battleframes, and this is definitely a good thing.

I haven't tried PvP as PvP is never my thing so I can't really comment on that. On the other hand, Firefall's PvE looks quite promising, however they really need to add more types of events and increase some of the event's spawn frequency as sometimes I see too few events going on in the world. The world currently is quite large and they do intend on expanding it later on.

As it is right now, Firefall is a fun game you can play in your spare time but I wouldn't suggest it being your main game as it is currently have too few content. However do check the game out when it's released later because the devs are definitely going to add many more content for the game. More story missions, more events, more tiers of battleframes and more fun to be had.

For those who want to try this game out, I have 4 Permanent Beta Keys to give away. Just post a comment to this article and share this article to any social media of your choice and I'll e-mail you the key. Don't forget to add your e-mail address to the comment. Oh and please don't just ask for the key in the comments, try to start some good discussion over there.

Check out Firefall, here: http://www.firefallthegame.com/


  1. Tried the open beta weekend, and I'm of the same opinion. The gameplay is great (I played biotech); you're really fast and mobile, the shooting is enjoyable and skillful, but there just isn't enough content. There are basically 3 enemies: little aranas, big aranas, and chosen. There are subdivisions, but those are pretty meaningless. The leveling is definitely one of the best things about it. I feel motivated to progress, but still feel like I have something to contribute at even the lowest levels. Overall, pretty good, and a game I'll want to put some more time into and wait for full release before making any calls.

  2. I just tried the came this past weekend and found it extremely innovative. They did not copy every other mmo out there and just change it but instead started from scratch. At first I was overwhelmed with how to play because it is so different then any other game. I love the game play style. It makes me think of Halo but on a larger scale. I have not played a game in which there is no exact leveling/questing which makes this seem very new and creative. Hopefully they can continue to put in new "random" events to make it feel very fluid and not repeatable.

  3. I also played this game during the open beta this weekend, i got super excited about the events and the open world dynamics, little disappointed with the PVP, i also feel like the game might get to repetitive which its hard for an MMO to avoid that maybe they need more ability's i'am not sure, i played and engineer. i feel like i would spend a lot of time into this game to get a cool character. I don't use social media websites such as twitter, so i cant repost this haha which is unfortunate. additionally i believe that grouping up when your at a thumper should be easier or just group events. it should be like a local area event and not for a party specifically if that makes any sense. ive been fallowing the game for over a year now, and only really started paying attention to it recently, but im really hoping it thrives in the current competition that it has. Taylund_demeria@hotmail.com

  4. I had the privilege to play in one of the test weekends a while back. I tried out the heavy class and was really enjoying it. I wanted to give the medic and engineer a go, but I unfortunately ran out of time. I tried on round of PvP, and I didn't like it very much. I am not really sure what it was that I didn't like, but I hope to give it another go.
    Email: BorbaM16@gmail.com

  5. 1 more beta key left for those who still wants it :) just post a comment.

  6. After seeing various videos and gameplay discussions on this game (as well as some sweet display!), I finally got to try it out! Loved it! It's a refreshing change from the other MMO's out there with the endless grind and monotony.

  7. Sorry, I forgot to add my email... It's BorbaR67@gmail.com.

  8. Unclaimed invitation for 5 days will be revoked. I'm out of keys for now but check back in 2 days, I might have some more.

  9. I've revoked 1 of the unclaimed beta key. If anyone wants one just post a comment :) same rules as before applies.

  10. I've yet to have a chance to enjoy this amazing game. I'd like to play, but can't find a key anywhere. I'd love you forever if i could get a key.

  11. It says that yo already have an invitation.

    So, still 1 code left.