Friday, February 22, 2013

Kickstarter Watch #9: 4chan Drinking Game

Oh this gotta be a joke right? right? Okay now 4chan is pretty infamous around the net(the people there blame it on /b/ but they're all pretty much crazy). But let's just face it, what you find on 4chan is quite funny. So, what if someone created a 4chan drinking game? it should be hilarious, no?

The Unofficial "Official" 4chan Drinking Game as it is called is essentially what the title suggests. A drinking game made by a guy from 4chan which uses various memes usually used on 4chan.

What interests me:
- 4chan drinking game

However, this is essentially just a drinking game, only with 4chan related memes. If your friends doesn't really go to 4chan this game won't be of any interest to them I suppose. But hey, I guess it's worth checking out.

Check out the kickstarter page, HERE

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