Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Greenlight It! #9: BROFORCE

Some of us love the 80s and 90s action movies and loved The Expendables for what it was, a nostalgia trip for action movie fans. Naturally, we want to see that kind of thing in video game form but The Expendables video games are really bad. But now we have BROFORCE, a sidescrolling platformer action game which will give you your 80s/90s action movie nostalgia trip. And it doesn't suck.

BROFORCE offers everything you love from 80s and 90s action movies. A lot of action, badass heroes and lots more action. You can play co-op with another bro and take control plenty of action hero bros that you can unlock throughout the game.

Each bro is unique with his own weapon and special ability that you can use to slaughter your enemies. The game is quite challenging because you get killed in one shot and explosive damage from your friends can also kill you but it is really fun to play. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that you can destroy terrain with your weapons.

The devs will add a lot more stuff to the final version of the game. Level editor will allow you to make your own level and share it to other bros who plays the game. You can also make your own Brofort to hang out and defend from terrorist attacks. You can check out the Brototype of this game on their site.

If you want something hilarious to play that offers a lot of 80s/90s action movie nostalgia then BROFORCE would be the perfect game for you. Try out the Brototype version and vote yes for BROFORCE on Steam Greenlight.

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