Monday, July 01, 2013

Greenlight It! #8: Go! Go! Nippon! ~My First Trip to Japan~

Visual Novels are usually about telling a story, like what you guys could see on the last Greenlight It! which talks about Dysfunctional System. Now today's Greenlight It! will also be about a VN, however the purpose of this VN is a bit different than usual. It does still have a story to tell but it's main purpose is to act as a tour guide for those who are planning to go to Japan or just wanted to experience what it is like over there.

Surprisingly enough, Go! Go! Nippon! is an OELVN that is made in Japan. The VN is also made bilingual so that people who want to learn about Japanese language can also use this VN for that purpose. Although I have to say that if you're just starting to learn Japanese, this VN won't help at all since you need to be able to read first.

Most of the VN will be about the Main Character going on a tour around Tokyo to see interesting areas and landmarks. The VN also does a good job of teaching you about various important and interesting stuff to know about Japan. It is clear that this VN was made for people who'd like to learn more about Japanese culture.

Go! Go! Nippon! also helps you out with planning your money when you travel to Japan. At the start of the game you can enter the conversion rate for USD or EUR to JPY and it will show you how much you pay for food and transportation as the story goes.

Although I said that the game doesn't really focus on telling an actual story you do still get to interact with two characters, Misaki Makoto and Misaki Akira. The story about how you meet them and you staying at their place is a bit unbelievable in my opinion but I let it slide since it's not really the point of the whole VN.

Overall, I find the VN to be quite enjoyable. If you're a big Japanophile and would like to learn more about Japan, this VN offers an interesting alternative to just reading online articles about Japan. It is a tour guide coupled with a somewhat decent Visual novel storytelling that does its job quite well. And for only $10 I'd say that this VN is a pretty good bargain.

Check out their Greenlight Page to vote for it if you're interested! even if you don't I see no reason why people who wants to play it through Steam should be denied the experience. If you want to play it without waiting for it on Steam you can go to Manga Gamer's site and buy it there for only $9.95.

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