Friday, July 05, 2013

Warmachine Tactics Kickstarter Campaign Starting on July 10

Tabletop Miniature Gamers should already be familiar with Privateer Press' WARMACHINE. A steampunk miniature game featuring Warjacks, which is essentially robots equipped with various weapons controlled by magic users called Warcasters. A few years back, privateer Press had already announced that they are going to make a WARMACHINE video game, but no news have come out since aside from a few videos. Now, Privateer Press has announced that they are going to start a Kickstarter Campaign to fund their WARMACHINE video game. Better yet, it is no longer an third person action game but a turn based strategy game instead.

As a Tabletop Miniature Game, WARMACHINE in my opinion SHOULD be a turn-based strategy game when made into the form of a video game. Of course an action game would serve well to show a different aspect of the setting and character but tactics and strategy are what people would expect from Privateer Press' WARMACHINE.

The game's Kickstarter Campaign will start on July 10, 2013 and those of you who've played the miniature game or are fans of turn-based strategy games should really back this project up. Steampunk armies waging wars with each other and big badass looking Warjacks, what's not to love? that is exactly what WARMACHINE: Tactics will deliver.

The game will initially feature only two of the four main faction available in the setting which are Cygnar and Khador. Cryx and Protectorate of Menoth are also planned to be added as a stretch goal on the Kickstarter Campaign. I do wonder though why they didn't mention Retribution of Scyrrah at all, which is a fifth faction featuring elves with their own version of magic-powered robots.

For more information regarding WARMACHINE: Tactics or WARMACHINE the Tabletop Miniature Game, go check out Privateer Press' website. Don't forget to check out their Kickstarter Campaign on July 10! I will be making a Kickstarter Watch article on it too so stay tuned.

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