Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Kickstarter Watch #13 - Celestian Tales: Old North

Do you like classic JRPG-style games? Wanted games with deep storytelling with interesting world and characters? Celestian Tales: Old North from Ekuator Games aims to be one of those games. And with your help you can help this budding Indonesian game development studio to realize their dream.

I love classic RPGs and Old North with its interesting artwork and intriguing story really sparks my interest. The addition of multiple endings also adds a lot of replayability to the game.

What interests me:
- Beautiful artwork.
- Lore-rich world to explore and experience.
- Epic story with six playable character across three decades.
- Classic JRPG gameplay.

The devs have stated that they intend to release the game with no DRM, just like the old days. I would prefer to have my games on Steam but having it DRM free will be a selling point for those who doesn't want have anything to do with DRMs of any kind(and yes, Steam is also considered a DRM). I do worry about piracy though, especially because this is an Indonesian game. However, they also offer the game at a very low price of $5.

So what are you waiting for? go and back them up at Kickstarter.

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