Thursday, July 11, 2013

Kickstarter Watch #15 - WARMACHINE: Tactics

As stated on my last article about WARMACHINE: Tactics, the Kickstarter campaign for Privateer Press' video game starts on July 10 and of course I'm going to make a Kickstarter Watch out of it. A game where you can experience the battles of WARMACHINE in the form of a turn-based strategy video game? count me in!

I've played the Tabletop Miniature Games so I can tell you that WARMACHINE is a really promising game with a great setting and characters, filled with various lore and history. The character and unit designs are superb and seeing that coming in video game form? I really can't wait!

What interests me:
- Campaign mode
- Turn based strategy
- Unit level progression

From the trailer we can see that the gameplay should be great, however the graphical quality, while looks pretty good isn't really high quality enough. Despite that though, I still think that this game will be really good and definitely worth kickstarting. Those limited edition miniatures they offer as rewards also looks really great.

Want more than 2 factions available on launch? Let's try to get to the stretch goal of $650,000. If the campaign reaches that amount, they will add Protectorate of Menoth(on $550,000) and Cryx(on $650,000).

Go to their kickstarter page and back them up! you won't regret it.

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