Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Kickstarter Watch #14: Little Witch Academia 2

It’s not unusual to find a new project on Kickstarter that comes from a well known developer or creator nowadays. But to find a Japanese animation project on the site is definitely something interesting to look forward.

Originally a part of “Anime Mirai” project (a program known as “Young Animator Training Project” sponsored by Japanese government), Studio TRIGGER already released the first episode of Little Witch Academia on Youtube back in April 2013. Apparently, the anime got many positive responses overseas which makes the creator team surprised, and they decided to take the development of the 2nd episode to Kickstarter. They will use the budget gained from Kickstarter to extend the duration of the episode by 15 minutes (from originally only 20 minutes long).

The 1st episode can be seen here:

What interests me: 
- Big names from GAINAX Studio (Evangelion, FLCL, Gurren Lagann) involved as production staff, including the director Yoshinari Yoh, script writer Masahiko Otsuka, and animation supervisor Hiroyuki Imaishi.   
- High quality fluid animation and bright colorful graphic 
- Unique art style that take a different approach from the usual anime style  
- Interesting and likeable characters and storyline  
- Lively and cheerful fantasy setting

The funds already reached the goal of 150.000$ in only 1 day, giving you the idea of how this project is highly anticipated by the anime community. However, you can still contribute to get some of the merchandise offered including artbook, blu-ray, posters, T-shirt, and many more. Don’t miss it! Check them at Kickstarter

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