Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Be a Hero of the North and Gain Plenty of Bonuses

Perfect World Entertainemnt is really pushing their newest game Neverwinter to get as many players as possible. They've even added new benefits to their Hero of the North Founder's Pack which includes various bonuses for almost all of Perfect World Entertainment's games.

The Hero of the North pack costs $200 so it might not be appealing enough for most players. But with this new addition, some people might find it a lot more appealing. PWE has added around 30+ additional bonus for those who buys the Hero of the North pack.

These bonuses will apply for other PWE games like Blacklight: Retribution, Perfect World, Star Trek Online, RaiderZ, Jade Dynasty, War of the Immortals, Battle of the Immortals and Forsaken World. That's a lot of bonuses! So, if you're interested just check out the full list over here or buy the Hero of the North Founder's pack over here.

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