Saturday, March 02, 2013

Put Microtransaction in ALL the Games!

Well, apparently EA will put microntransactions in all of their future games. While I don't mind microtransactions in mobile games and online games(as long as it only involves cosmetics stuff) putting microtransactions in single player games is a different case entirely.

Microtransactions in online multiplayer games are already hard to accept for some people as it is, and now EA is trying to add microtransactions in all kind of games that they made? even single player ones? That's just crazy. Even the microtransactions in Dead Space 3 has received plenty of flak from the fans.

If it's just cosmetics stuff like alternate skin, additional effects, etc I don't mind but it is clear that they're going the Dead Space 3 route where you can buy stuff to make the game easier. It's basically pay-to-cheat and that's just ridiculous. And the sad part is that some people will pay for this anyways. Remember those days where you can just enter cheat codes to cheat in games? apparently now you need to pay to do those. And if you think, "oh it's just cheats, you can just not pay for it right?" well I should point you to an MMO made by Bioware and published by EA that also does microtransactions, an MMO by the name of SWTOR. Have you seen SWTOR's microtransactions? it's disgusting. It's like they don't really want to let you to play for free, they just have to make everything costs real money.

You might also say "oh it's EA, of course they'll do that", but here's the sad part, EA won't do this if it's not backed up by data suggesting that the microtransactions that they have in other games works well. In other words, plenty of people are willing to pay for whatever it is they offer. This is really sad as it means that this generation of gamers are more willing to be suckered into despicable business practices like this.

This really needs to stop, stop supporting bad business practices! stop saying yes to whatever the devs throws at you and asks you to pay! stop being a retarded fanboy as even the best game dev studio nowadays are controlled by these money hungry corporations behind them. Well they're here to make entertaining games, sure. But they're also here for your money. If it's reasonable then sure, why not? but microtransactions in single player games too? and not free to play or mobile games at that? are you kidding me? what's next? hats for BF3?

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