Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Opinion on the Xi3 Piston

The Xi3 Piston is now open for Pre-Orders and for those who thinks "this is it, this is the gateway that'll bring console gamers to the PC", prepare to be disappointed.

Boy I can't stop laughing at this because it's just so ridiculous. So you pay $900 for a tiny "PC-console" and for what? a pathetic low-end PC that can't even possibly play any games on par with my $800 desktop PC. People actually believe anyone in their right mind would actually want this? here's a suggestion: buy a laptop, it'll cost less and it might even play better.

And for those who are arguing about the form factor, come on now you don't really need a PC with that size! that's just bullshit. You want to play PC games on your living room? you could just as easily put it together yourself. What's that? you don't understand how to build your own PC and doesn't want to learn how to? just ask the store to build it or ask around the internet, it's actually quite simple.

I've said this before on my Steambox post I don't see the point of this kind of thing. And if this is what the Steambox is going to be I don't think it'll make any difference in the gaming industry. The whole idea of selling a "mini-PC" with so much less power than an actual PC with the same price range is just ridiculous. There isn't even any exclusive games for this as it's essentially just a tiny overpriced PC.

My opinion on it? should be pretty clear by now. I think this thing is rubbish and you shouldn't even waste your money on this thing. Buy yourself an actual PC instead, you can hook up your PC to a TV now so I don't think "I want to play on my living room" is a valid excuse. And in my opinion having PC which takes more space but ends up costing less(if you want to match the Xi3's specs) or much more powerful(if you match the Xi3's price).

But hey, I might be wrong and the Xi3 Piston could suddenly run games on high quality without stuttering(I really doubt it) but I really think pre-ordering this thing right now would be a very bad idea. Also remember that they're going to release it at the end of 2013 where games would need even more hardware power than they currently are. If the Xi3 can't even play current games without having you set those games on low detail, I don't see how it could possibly have the power to run any newer titles when the Xi3 is released.


  1. Haha at first I thought the $999 price tag was just an estimated, highest end of the spectrum price. Turned out it was the actual one.

    I'm not really sure this is the Steambox that Gabe Newell had in mind. I firmly believe that what I mentioned couple of months back was the one he envisioned; An affordable, medium-specced, console-like PC. One that will force the PC game developers to halt their horses and for the first time in history, halted or even regressed the hardware requirements for their latest games.

    I do believe that the actual Steambox will put a "standard" on hardware upgrades. And hell, I'm even quite confident the Steambox will be upgradable. That will really change the PC game environment for good.

  2. let's hope so. But if this is actually what the Steambox will be, it will fail.

  3. Yeah, hope so. Agree. If the developer or even Gabe thought of something like this,... well, sucks to be them, cause they will lose a LOT of money doing something like this.