Monday, March 11, 2013

Sword of the Stars: The Pit Review

Some of you might have alrady heard about Sword of the Stars, a series of decent 4X games. Now, Kerberos productions has made another game for the Sword of the Stars series and it's...a Roguelike.
I don't know what happened and why they have decided to make a Roguelike instead but SotS: The Pit is surprisingly good. As with all Roguelike games it offers completely randomized areas and you'll fight different enemies and find different items each time you play. The graphic is quite simplistic but it does the job quite well. It might not be much in terms of graphical fidelity but the aesthetics is pretty good and for a Roguelike, this is definitely enough.

The game is definitely very addictive and will be an interesting title to try out for Roguelike and RPG fans. You have different difficulty setting to choose from but in all of them you'll be fighting for your survival. Ammo and supplies are scarce and you'll have to carefully explore the area and decide for yourself whether it is worth it to kill all enemies in a level for the experience while you burn through ammo.

To make the game even more replayable you have access to three character classes: The Pilot, The Marine and The Engineer. Each of these classes have different starting equipments and also different skill sets. Choose one that fits your playstyle and explore away!

There's also a crafting system available in the game and also a mod system for your weapons and armor. Do be careful though as you won't know any of the mods effects until you attach them and the effect could either be good or bad for you. Speaking of good or bad, there are also traps scattered around in the world and just like the mods, there are beneficial traps and there are bad traps. Why are there beneficial traps? I have no idea.

Aside from your health, you'll have to take care of your equipment and your hunger. Equipments will wear down and you'll need to find a repair station or find a repair kit(or find a new weapon, that works too). And you'll find plenty of food to eat or cook in the game, although these are alien food and the effect might not always be beneficial.

Overall, SoTS: The Pit is a solid Roguelike game which will make you waste hours of your time to try to get to the furthest level possible. And for the price of $10(currently $9) I think it is a good bargain.

Check the game out over here:

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