Thursday, March 14, 2013

World of Tanks Review

Boy am I late on reviewing this game. But hey, better late than never right? This Online Tank game is pretty popular right now, especially in Russia. The game might not be for everyone because of its difficulty but if online tank combat simulation is your thing, this is a game you definitely don't want to pass on. Oh, if my screenshot looks a bit weird with all those weaboo animu crap it's because I'm using a mod to change how the game looks. Don't like anime? too bad.

I tried World of Tanks last year and I have to admit i don't really feel interested. I just tried it because a friend of mine told me to try it. After a few months, I start playing Mechwarrior Online and I start to actually like games like this. But the actual thing that made start to get into World of Tanks is an anime. Yes, an anime! I won't talk much about the anime here, but I'll just give you the title and you can watch it yourself. It's none other than Girls und Panzer.

I know that World of Tanks isn't a 100% accurate tank simulator but I find it really enjoyable. You definitely need to think in this game and just like in Mechwarrior Online, teamwork and positioning is very important. I also love how they pretty accurately set up each tank's weaknesses. Even if some of the mechanics in the game aren't 100% realistic but you really learn a lot about tank combat in this game.

Some people might feel intimidated by the game at the beginning, since there are so many things to learn. Weak points, which are different for each tank. Positioning, angling, camouflage and so much more. My suggestion is just to go with it and have fun. Learn from your mistakes and play better on the next match.

One of the best thing of this game is each tank is different which means changing a tank will result in a significant change in gameplay. It's not just from changing tank class from Light to Medium though, it's different even between two medium tanks, especially from different nations. This really adds variety to the game, not to mention the multitude of tanks available each with their own upgrade tree.

Because the game is more on the realistic side, when you're destroyed in a match you're out of that match until it is over. You may however jump in another tank that you own to fight in another battle. This might annoy some people who wants to jump into the action quickly but I think this game isn't meant for those kinds of people who wants everything in an instant anyways. This is a game where careful planning and tactical thinking wins the battle(although expecting all people in a pick-up group to do that is just crazy, you should still do your best).

Aside from customizing your tanks, your crew also plays an important role. At first you'll usually get a crew that are at 50% training level. Taking them to battle will increase their experience and when they reach 100% you'll get to choose from several abilities which will help you in battle. Consumables and ammo choices are also equally important in battles.

As for the microtransaction, it is pretty tame as most of your gold will usually be used for convenience like more tank slots, experience conversion or premium time. Yes, there are premium tanks and consumables but I think they doesn't really break the game and doesn't really offer a lot of advantages. Besides, the consumables are also available for in-game credits and the premium tanks are just alternative choices instead of clear upgrades. The premium time is pretty nifty if you'd like to play with one more friend but otherwise only offer 50% increase on credit and experience gain. The only glaring difference would be the gold ammo which is a clear straight up better ammo then the usual ammo. Yes, they are available for in-game credits too but the cost is just ridiculous. The game is slightly pay-to-win, but buying these ammo doesn't suddenly make you good at the game either.

It might take some time to get used to World of Tanks, but behind all of those high barrier lies a very deep and interesting game. If you're a fan of World War II tanks, or love simulation games, try out World of Tanks. It might be tough for the first few matches, but believe me it's all worth it in the end.

Check out World of Tanks here:

And or those who also likes Girls und Panzer, here's a link to the forum where you can get the various GuP mods for World of tanks:

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