Saturday, March 16, 2013

Scarlet Blade Closed Beta Impressions

Easily offended by boobs in games? hated TERA because it's 2lewd4you? then you should probably stop reading this and move along. Seriously, because Scarlet Blade is a game that'll make TERA looks really tame in comparison. But more importantly though, is it a good game?

Let get this straight first, I have no problem with fanservice in MMOs. I have no problem with TERA and how the female characters looks in that game. So any of you expecting me ranting about female objectification in here, you'll be disappointed. In theory, Scarlet Blade should be the perfect MMO for me. An MMO with all female characters? with a lot of fanservice? but boy, even I feel that it's just too much. I can understand having sexy female characters, but their appearance in this game? it's like Masturbation Aid, the MMO.

Regardless of that, I also play games for the gameplay. So is it any good? my answer would be, no. The first few levels feels allright, you level up pretty quickly and there are a lot of quests to do. But after you reach level 10 it starts to go downhill. The grind is so unbearable that I almost fell asleep a few times when grinding. Why do i grind? to try out the mech combat.

Yes! they have mech combat, it should be interesting right? well, imagine my disappointment when the aformentioned "mech combat" is just you changing your form into a mech for like 30 seconds and when it's over you need to recharge your CP for about 6 minutes before you can do it again. Even for an "oh cool!" moment, that is just too short.

As far as graphics goes, the games looks aged. Environment might look impressive a few years ago but for 2013 it's really not impressive. The character designs are okay, those of you who likes fanservice will love it and those of you who finds it highly offensive...shouldn't even be reading this article anyway. I don't really like the face options as I feel it doesn't look good enough, but I suppose it's a personal preference. Weapon, enemy and the mech designs are definitely quite cool. The attack animations are also enjoyable to look at, and not because of the character models.

Overall gameplay are your usual generic MMO style combat where you and your enemy stays in place hitting each other until one of you dies. Enemy difficulty seems easy enough to handle and the number of skills available are quite varied each with different effect and damage type. Questing is rather generic with you getting quests each time you reach a certain level but it only involves talking to NPC, finding an item or killing certain number of enemies.

For those of you who likes the fanservice in this game and don't mind the generic gameplay this game might be worth your while. But for those who seeks a game that offers something different, you might need to look elsewhere. I jumped in the game expecting to be annoyed by the fanservice, but although I do find it too much, it's the unbearable grind that actually made me stop playing.

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