Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Warframe Crafting Blueprint Locations: Update 7.0

Now that Update 7.0 is up, it's time to update the crafting blueprint locations list. Several new planets, weapons and Warframes are available in this update.

Mercury - Tolstoj
Boss: Captain Vor(Grineer)
Drops: Cronus(longsword)

Venus - Fossa
Boss: The Jackal(Corpus)
Drops: Rhino Warframe Parts Blueprints

Earth - Everest
Boss: Counceler Van Dek(Grineer)
Drops: Trinity Warframe Parts Blueprints

Mars - War
Boss: Sargent Nef Anyo(Grineer)
Drops: Mag Warframe Parts Blueprints

Jupiter - Themisto
Boss: The Golem(Infected)
Drops: Volt Warframe Parts Blueprint

Saturn - Thetys
Boss: General Sargas Ruk(Grineer)
Drops: Ember Warframe Parts Blueprints

Uranus - Titania
Boss: Tyl Regar(Grineer)
Drops: Ash Warframe Parts Blueprints

Neptune - Psamanthe
Boss: The Hyena(Corpus)
Drops: Loki Warframe Parts Blueprints

Pluto - Hades
Boss: Arn Etina(Corpus)
Drops: Excalibur Warframe Parts Blueprint

Ceres - Exta
Boss: Lt. lech Krill(Grineer)
Drops: Frost Warframe Parts Blueprint

Eris - Naeglar
Boss: Phorid(Infestation)
Drops: Nyx Warframe Parts Blueprint

Sedna - Merrow 
Boss: (Grineer)
Drops: Saryn Warframe Parts Blueprint

Banshee Warframe Parts Blueprint drops randomly from all bosses

Dark Sword, Plasma Sword, Jaw Sword, Pangolin Sword, Heat Sword, Heat dagger, Ceramic Dagger, Dark Dagger, Random Warframe Blueprints, Orokin Catalyst, Orokin Reactor, Alternative Helmets, Orokin Artifact Cards.

Happy hunting and crafting!

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  1. odd......ive been getting blueprints off of everest (earths boss) but theyre not trinitys o*O