Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Cyanide Announced Blood Bowl: Star Coach

Some of you might say wtf is Blood bowl? suffice to say that it's a fantasy football game involving all the races of the Warhammer Fantasy setting. So you'll see orcs, lizardmen, wood elves, dark elves, dwarves and plenty of other choices. And now, Cyanide has annouced that their next Blood Bowl game, Star Coach which is a free to play title!

Well, it's going to be an online football management game so you won't be controlling your players on the match but you'll be responsible for the overall team management. I'm pretty interested on how this will go as Blood Bowl seems quite interesting to me(even if I don't have any interest in the real sport). The addition of a game replay in 3D is also pretty sweet.

Not a lot of information has been given on the gameplay and microtransactions, but they will probably sell cosmetic stuff. I'm also guessing that they'll also sell some of the other races to unlock since we only see six races on the screenshots. We'll have to wait and see.

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