Monday, March 04, 2013

Blacklight Retribution: Onslaught Mode

Okay, so apparently I haven't reviewed Blacklight Retribution before. And now that Zombie Studio has added a new game mode and updates for it I'll be posting my opinion on this new game mode.

But first I'll give you my opinion on Blacklight Retribution first. The game is pretty awesome, the gunplay is great and character design are great and graphic looks pretty decent because of Unreal Engine 3. The HRV system which is essentially short term legal wallhack is a really interesting addition to the game which really makes it unique. The depot system also adds quite a lot to the game by letting you buy stuff with points that you can get from killing enemies and doing objectives. And the Hardsuit, it's just an awesome experience when you're inside a Hardsuit and walking around slaughtering the enemy team. People call it Noobsuit but who's the noob who are getting owned by the suit? the Hardsuit is awesome! The weapon customization is also really interesting as it allows you to mix and match various parts to create your perfect weapon which fits your playstyle.

The next amazing thing regarding Blacklight Retribution is their item store, which is really-really good by only selling alternative weapons, weapon parts and armor. Nothing in the item store is a direct upgrade from what you have at the beginning of the game. Everything is a sidegrade and your basic weapons are enough to win the match. And the rental pricing? very affordable from just doing one or two matches. Want a permanent unlock? you can do that with in-game currency too! This is one of the example of a good microntransactions system.

Now that that's out of the way now I'm going to tell you my opinion on the new co-op mode: Onslaught. It's supposed to be something like the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer or Gears of Wars horde mode where four players have to work together and defend themselves from 10 waves of enemies in 30 minutes. There will also be objectives that the players need to do on certain waves, failure to do so will also make the players lose the game.

While it is pretty exciting, the dynamic of the game differs so much from the usual Blacklight Retribution and problems starts to show up. Lag are more apparent in the Onslaught mode as you're fighting AI opponents instead of players, strange movement and behavior can be seen from time to time. To be fair, this might just be my connection getting crazy(although I usually have no problem when playing the usual competitive matches).

BLR's gunplay is also designed for short term combat where you usually run out of ammo pretty quickly. In the Onslaught mode, you'll be running out of bullet constantly. Of course it adds tension but when half of the game is just running around looking for dropped weapons by the enemies, it starts getting ridiculous. The fact that the depot aren't always available is also a bit annoying.

The Onslaught mode is also not really efficient as far as experience and GP generation goes. The normal matches can be done much faster and generate more experience and GP. The Onslaught mode can be fun but the fact that you can only play with four players also makes it harder to get a room with only your friends and even then you might get a difficulty level that you don't want seeing that the number of rooms available are so limited.

Aside from Onslaught mode, Zombie Studio also added the Search and Destroy mode to the list of competitive game mode. I don't really see anything wrong in BLR's competitive game modes and gameplay so I can't say anything more but overall the main menu of this new update has disappointed me. They really hyped the Onslaught mode and I'm really excited for it only to find that it isn't really fit the style of the game at all. It might be okay for people who desperately wants a co-op mode for BLR but ultimately it is an inferior game mode in an otherwise great game.

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