Friday, March 15, 2013

Greenlight It #4: C-Wars

Another interesting find in Steam Greenlight. C-Wars is a sci-fi game which combines gameplay from various genres like RTS, tower defense, tactical game and RPG. It combines interesting gameplay with really good looking pixel art and animation, reminiscent of classic SNES or GBA games.

The game essentially lets you deploy units in various blocks to fight the enemies. Each units have different kinds of attacks and you can move them around to dodge enemy attacks and blocking enemies from taking control of your blocks.

I tried the beta version for android and the game does have an interesting concept, however as it currently stands it is a bit too chaotic and too hectic to play, even on the first battle. Although because it is still in beta they could easily improve it and that mission could just be a higher level mission which offer a more challenging battle. As far as gameplay goes, It has potential, but we need to see whether they can improve the game from what's in the beta.

The artstyle of C-Wars is gorgeous with beautiful pixel art and good looking animations. The game really does remind you of classic SNES and GBA title. It is simple but really good to look at, definitely one of the strong points of the game. I would advise checking out the game on Steam greenlight and if you like what you see, don't forget to vote yes.

Check C-Wars out, HERE

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